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What if you could
improve society by
helping people think
clearly and rationally?

Become a Clearer Thinking Ambassador and help us on this quest (and get some great perks).

What is a Clearer Thinking Ambassador?

Throughout Clearer Thinking's history, we've conducted more than 30 studies and created a vast library of content to benefit the general public. 


However, our funding has been limited, and we're confident we can have a much greater impact with the financial support of people like you.


That's why we've created the Clearer Thinking Ambassador program, where you can help us increase our impact via a monthly contribution, and as a thank you for being an ambassador, we'll give you exclusive perks.

Your contribution has real-life impact

Based on our track record, we estimate that each Clearer Thinking Ambassador enables at least:

People Reached_2x.png

18 000

Helped Directly_2x.png


Monthly Report Icon-02.png

Here is how some of our projects have impacted our users, 

according to our users themselves

"Clearer Thinking is an absolute game-changer! Every time I dive into their material, it's like a lightning bolt of inspiration striking my brain."

Julie, Finland

"Clearer Thinking is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to improving decision-making and rationality. Using its tools is like discovering a superpower that you didn't know you have."

Anup, India

"Clearer Thinking has been my guide through the territory of my

own beliefs and biases."

Edmond, United States

We believe we can do much more
with your contribution

Clearer Thinking is a not-for-profit organization, so every penny will be used

toward our mission, which is:


That means that ​100% of the funding will go towards one of these three strategic pillars:

circle graph.png

What we have achieved so far

Achievements Section Background.png

Become a Clearer Thinking

By becoming a Clearer Thinking Ambassador
you will have access to the following perks:

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Everything Free Users Get

Monthly Report On Our Impact

Asset 15_2x.png

Critical Thinking Cards Deck

Asset 11_2x.png

Credits On Newsletter

Asset 8_2x.png

Credits On Podcast

Asset 7_2x.png

Credits On Website

Asset 12_2x.png
Asset 14_2x.png

Early Access To Every Tool

Quarterly Q&A With
Spencer Greenberg

Asset 18_2x.png

Life-Changing Questions Deck

Asset 9_2x.png

Quarterly Bonus Podcast Episode

Asset 17_2x.png

Beautiful Poster With Your Life Principles

Asset 16_2x.png

Exclusive Clearer Thinking T-Shirt

All perks are OPTIONAL and you can choose not to receive any of them.

The physical perks (card decks and t-shirt) will be sent throughout the first three months of support.

How much would you like to contribute on a monthly basis?

Up to 2 hours after subscribing, you'll receive detailed information about accessing your perks.

You can cancel your contribution anytime.

  • What is the Clearer Thinking Supporter project all about?
    The project is designed to receive funds from users who are willing to help financially, in order to increase our impact as we deliver on our mission to effectively improve society by helping people improve their decision-making, boost their critical thinking, and make positive behavior changes, with our research-based tools, studies, articles, and other content.
  • How will my contribution be used?
    We're a not-for-profit project. Every penny will be used to (1) increase o reach, (2) create more content, or (3) do more research. Note that Clearer Thinking is not a 501(c)(3) organization and so unfortunately your contribution is not tax deductible. However, all money you contribute to Clearer Thinking will be used to support our mission.
  • What benefits do I get as a monthly contributor?
    Although the project's main goal is to increase our impact, we offer some perks to our supporters out of gratitude. Please note that we may change details of the perks offered at any time, including what, how, and when we offer these perks.
  • How can I stay updated about the project's progress and impact?
    We will provide our supporters with a monthly report with data about our progress.
  • Can I cancel my monthly contribution at any time?
    Yes! You can cancel your monthly contribution anytime via Stripe or by contacting us. Your subscription will be canceled within two business days.
  • What measures are in place to evaluate the results of the use of funds?
    We use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help measure the effectiveness of our initiatives, such as tool completions, website visitors, subscribers to our newsletter, and more. By tracking these metrics, we can adjust our strategy and resource allocation based on what's providing the best results. We also believe in transparency with our contributors, so we plan to provide regular updates on our projects to allow contributors to see the direct impact of their support. Our modules also go through a testing and feedback process to help ensure that they are beneficial to users.
  • Who is behind the project? Can you tell me more about the team? was founded by Spencer Greenberg in 2013, who is still directly involved in the project. Our team has a variety of collaborators who work on writing blog posts, developing new interactive tools, research, studies, and marketing.
  • What is the Privacy Policy?
    When you become a contributor, we collect just your name and email address. Your physical address and credit card information are securely collected and stored by the third-party payment gateway. Your name and email address are stored on our secure server. Only authorized members of our team have access to this data. We respect your privacy and do not share your personal information with any third parties, and you have the right to opt out of our data collection practices at any time. You can also request the removal of your data by contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us

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