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Newest Clearer Thinking Tools

Nuanced Thinking Techniques

Learn to recognize 3 common binary thinking traps and learn the nuanced thinking techniques you can use to combat them.



Faulty Reasoning Quiz

Can you spot bad reasoning? Learn about five types of faulty arguments and take a quiz to see how well you can spot them!




Keep track of your goals and your progress, so that you can more reliably achieve what you set out to do. Includes optional mechanisms for accountability.



Colton M. from Mountain View, CA said...

"Without this tool I would still be sitting on my decision for weeks, months or years!

Thank you so much!”

ClearerThinking's mission is to close the gap between insights from research about human behavior and actions in the real world. We build best-in-class, interactive tools and mini-courses that you can use to change your habits, make better decisions, and achieve your goals.

We start with research into the existing academic literature on what's known about how to shift behavior, and then perform our own original studies in order to build best-in-class, free, interactive tools and mini-courses to help you improve your life.


Clearer Thinking was launched by Spark Wave, which is an evidence-driven research lab and startup foundry applying social science, iterative experimentation, and careful analysis to create socially beneficial software companies from scratch.

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