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​From time to time we all make decisions that aren’t the best for achieving our goals. In fact, it is now known that there are dozens of systematic biases built into the structure of all human brains. These can have serious consequences, like causing us to grossly misallocate our time and money, make major choices we might regret, or misinterpret important facts.


In this module, we'll explain how these cognitive biases came about and how Clearer Thinking can help you improve your reasoning and decision making.

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Find out what "cognitive biases" are and how the human brain evolved them. 

  • Learn about the Recency Effect, Optimism Bias, and the Normalcy Bias.

  • Find out what "cognitive skills" are and which ones you can develop through Clearer Thinking.

  • Get an overview of the great free trainings we provide.


This module will introduce you to the science of good decision making. It will help you think more clearly about how to thrive in our complex world.

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