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Need a logical fallacies list? Learn to identify several in the wild

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

bear trap

Logical fallacies, known more accurately in their verbal form as "rhetorical fallacies, are everywhere. They're frequently used by marketers, journalists, pundits, politicians, and even people in your daily life — anyone who has an incentive to persuade you. Rhetorical fallacies can be used to confuse, distract, or otherwise mislead you in discussions and arguments, and the only defense against them is to know how to identify them.

This quick, free mini-course lists six of the most common rhetorical fallacies and trains you to identify them. For each of the six fallacies it discusses, it provides the following:

  • A detailed definition of the fallacy in question

  • Tricks for how to identify it

  • A real-world example of the fallacy in action

  • An immediate test of your understanding of the fallacy

  • Several questions in a concluding quiz designed to help you practice your new skills

Learn to detect these iniquitous fallacies in others' arguments — and your own! — by trying out this free mini-tool today.

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