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Happy New Year! Let's pinpoint your resolution.

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Trying to become a better person is always worthwhile, and many people find the beginning of a new calendar year to be a useful starting point for their self-improvement projects. Such projects have a much better chance of succeeding with the help of a clear, detailed plan. Often our plans are vague or too big, making it hard to know where to start, and too easy to give up or become frustrated.

To that end, we've created this free mini-tool for planning out your New Year's Resolution. It'll help you restructure your New Year's goals in a way that makes it significantly easier for you to actually achieve them. In just a few minutes, the tool will help you think through the following:

  • A specific, concrete phrasing of your Resolution

  • A list of subgoals that you must accomplish to complete your Resolution

  • Strategies for achieving each subgoal

  • A specific starting point and time for your plan

Try it out now and start 2017 the right way. Happy New Year from the ClearerThinking team!

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