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List of all Clearer Thinking Podcast episodes

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161: Where philosophy meets the real world (with Peter Singer)

160: Large language models, deep peace, and the meaning crisis (with Jim Rutt)

159: Censorship, cancel culture, and truth-seeking (with Iona Italia)

158: Why are birth rates plummeting? And how much does it matter? (with Malcolm & Simone Collins)

157: Science is learning from start-ups (with Adam Marblestone)

156: The range of human perceptual experiences (with Anil Seth)

155: The capabilities approach to welfare (with Martha Nussbaum)

154: Should you become a charity entrepreneur? (with Joey Savoie)

153: Has political polarization been misunderstood? (with Nick Gillespie)

152: How can you tell if you're cut out for entrepreneurship? (with Matt Clifford)

151: Letting ChatGPT make your decisions for you (with Dax Flame)

150: What good is college now that we can learn everything for free on the internet? (with Nick Dirks)

149: Not seeing your face as a first step to enlightenment? (with Richard Lang)

148: Is giving people a sense of agency better than giving them cash? (with Richard Sedlmayr)

147: Are you working on the most important problem in your field? Why not? (with Rohit Krishnan)

146: How huge a deal is climate change, really? (with Diana Ürge-Vorsatz and Misha Glouberman)

145: Becoming a policy entrepreneur (with Tom Kalil)

144:How to build your second brain (with Tiago Forte)

143: Does every language have a word for depression? (with Sean Mayberry)

142: What things in life *shouldn't* we optimize? (with Christie Aschwanden)

141: How can we make science more trustworthy? (with Stuart Ritchie)

140: Living a life of service to others (with Tasshin Fogleman)

139: Mapping metaethics (with Lance Bush)

138: Do organizations have to get slower as they grow? (with Alex Komoroske)

137: How can we un-break politics? (with Magnus Vinding)

136: Why capitalism doesn't live up to its promises (with Martin Schmalz)

135: Anti-interoperability, vendor lock-in, and high switching costs (with Cory Doctorow)

134: Separating the sinner from the sin (with Khomotso Moshikaro)

133: The FTX catastrophe (with Byrne Hobart, Vipul Naik, Maomao Hu, Marcus Abramovich, and Ozzie Gooen)

132: How to find out what people in rural communities really need (with Robert Chambers)

131: Building healthy relationships (with Jayson Gaddis)

130: Bringing rationality into politics (with Elizabeth Edwards-Appell)

129: Sex workers — empowered, or victims? (with Melissa Broudo)

128: What, if anything, do AIs understand? (with ChatGPT Co-Creator Ilya Sutskever)

127: Forecasting the things that matter (with Peter Wildeford)

126: Is the universe a computer? (with Joscha Bach)

125: Inventions, stories, and ideas that don't matter (with Pablos Holman)

124: Humble-bragging, counter-signalling, and impression management (with Övül Sezer)

123: Ambition and expected value at extremes (with Habiba Islam)

122: Career science, open science, and inspired science (with Alexa Tullett)

121: Estimating the long-term impact of our actions today (with Will MacAskill)

120: The differences between analytic and continental philosophy (with Alexander Prescott-Couch)

119: Voting method reform in the US (with Aaron Hamlin)

118: Critiquing Effective Altruism (with Michael Nielsen and Ajeya Cotra)

117: How to form habits effectively (with Jim Davies)

116: Are scientific journals just parasites? (with Chris Chambers)

115: Human bias in the definition of intelligence (with Alene Anello)

114: Guess culture vs. ask culture (with Will Eden and Sam Rosen)

113: Are we all the heroes of our own stories? (with Cate Hall)

112: Content moderation and its dis-content-moderators (with Ada Palmer)

111: Exploring sex science and pseudo-science (with Mary Roach)

110: The worst mistakes people make with diet and exercise (with Menno Henselmans)

109: Communicating what you really mean (with Misha Glouberman)

108: Taking pleasure in being wrong (with Buck Shlegeris)

107: A philosophical theory of jerks (with Eric Schwitzgebel)

106: How meanings get words and social sciences get broken (with Literal Banana)

105: Dealing with our "groupstruckness" and "boundedness" (with Katja Grace)

104: Math as a perspective on life (with Marcus du Sautoy)

103: A former Al-Qaeda recruiter speaks (with Jesse Morton)

102: Cognitive biases and animal welfare (with Leah Edgerton)

101: Is it bad to coerce yourself to do unpleasant things? (with Matt Goldenberg)

100: Our 100th episode! (with Uri Bram and Spencer Greenberg)

099: Volunteering to be infected with COVID — for science! (with Josh Morrison)

098: What we really mean when we say that something will "probably" happen (with Walt Hickey)

097: Why is self-compassion so hard? (with Kristin Neff)

096: Why it's so hard to have confidence that charities are doing good (with Elie Hassenfeld)

095: Shovelgloves and extreme moderation (with Reinhard Engels)

094: Mental models that apply across disciplines (with Blas Moros)

093: Accessing pure consciousness at any moment (with Loch Kelly)

092: Fight, flight, freeze, fawn (with Sasha Raskin)

091: The science of addiction (with Crystal Dilworth)

090: Evidence, reason, and compassion for all sentient beings (with Jamie Woodhouse)

089: Can the economy grow indefinitely? (with Alyssa Vance)

088: How many minds do you have? (with Kaj Sotala)

087: Are you a wamb or a nerd? (with Tom Chivers)

086: Behind the scenes of the online dating world (with Tom Quisel)

085: The clash between social justice and anti-wokeness (with Amber Dawn and Holly Elmore)

084: Tyler's three laws and twelve rules (with Tyler Cowen)

083: Freezing to (not) death: cryonics and the quest for immortality (with Max Marty)

082: The pre/trans fallacy, and why you should learn the skill of coaching (with Eben Pagan)

081: What does humanity need to survive after a global catastrophe? (with David Denkenberger)

080: To be successful, should you focus on your strengths or your weaknesses? (with Anna Paley)

079: When is suffering good? (with Paul Bloom)

078: What causes progress? And how can we stop it from slowing? (with Jason Crawford)

077: Clearer paths and sharper ideas (with Lynette Bye)

076: How to measure impact, and why we may have all been doing it wrong (with Michael Plant)

075: Major and minor scales of consciousness (with Andrés Gomez Emilsson)

074: The art of being a creative person (with Georgia Shreve)

073: An interview with an A.I. (with GPT-3 and Jeremy Nixon)

072: Beyond cognitive biases: improving judgment by reducing noise (with Daniel Kahneman)

071: How to use your career to have a large impact (with Ben Todd)

070: Why does psychotherapy work (when it works at all)? (with Scott Miller)

069: How broken is social science? (with Matt Grossman)

068: How to communicate better with the people in your life (with Sara Ness)

067: How to hack your own brain (with Elizabeth Ricker)

066: Why do civilizations collapse? And is ours next? (with Samo Burja)

065: Utopia on earth and morality without guilt (with Joe Carlsmith)

064: How do you leverage your limitations? (with Oliver Burkeman)

063: The secrets of effective learning (with Andy Matuschak)

062: Exploring your shadow and healing your traumas (with Aurora Quinn-Elmore)

061: Dances with robots (with Catie Cuan)

060: Heaven and hell on earth: a trip to the limits of human consciousness (with Anthony David Adams)

059: How can we save the world? (with Toby Ord)

058: Risk-Driven Development and Decentralization (with Satvik Beri)

057: Statistics Intuitions and Social Science Reproducibility (with Stuart Buck)

056: Genomics and Health Outcomes (with Noor Siddiqui)

055: Rationality and Cognitive Science (with Anna Riedl)

054: Self-Improvement and Behavior Change (with James Norris)

053: Everyday Statistics and Climate Change Strategies (with Cassandra Xia)

052: Conscious Processes and Intelligence (with Richard Nisbett)

051: Educational Restructuring and Investing (with Matt Greenfield)

050: Chinese Culture and Love Addiction (with Ava King)

049: User Engagement and Expert Intuition (with Rob Haisfield)

048: Psychological Models and Parenting (with Divia Eden)

047: Productive Conversations and Feedback Loops (with Julia Carvalho)

046: EA Efficacy and Community Norms (with Stefan Schubert)

045: Explanatory Depth and Growth Mindset (with Daniel Greene)

044: AI Safety and Solutions (with Robert Miles)

043: Online and IRL Relationships (with Steve Dean)

042: Utilitarianism and Its Flavors (with Nick Beckstead)

041: Cults and Social Needs (with Alice Mottola)

040: History and Longevity (with Will Eden)

039: Knowledge Management and Deugenesis (with Jeremy Nixon)

038: Crypto Pros and Cons (with Sam Bankman-Fried)

037: Behavior Change and Interpersonal Connection (with Ting Jiang)

036: Scout and Soldier Mindsets (with Julia Galef)

035: Social Science and Science Journalism (with Jesse Singal)

034: Search Data and Self-Improvement (with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz)

033: Poker and Productivity (with Chris Sparks)

032: Moral Discourse and the Value of Philosophy (with Ronny Fernandez)

031: Superintelligence and Consciousness (with Roman Yampolskiy)

030: Meditation and Ontology (with Daniel Ingram)

029: Rationality Education and Dating (with Jacob Falkovich)

028: Preference Falsification and Postmodernism (with Michael Vassar)

027: Moral Foundations Theory and Constructive Dialogue (with Caroline Mehl)

026: Past / Future Selves and Intrinsic Values (with Simone Collins)

025: Happiness and Hedonic Adaptation (with Rob Smith)

024: Decision-Making Under Uncertainty and Entrepreneurship (with Miles Lasater)

023: Sexuality and Dominance Hierarchies (with Malcolm Collins)

022: Self-Improvement and Research Ethics (with Rob Wiblin)

021: Antagonistic Learning and Civilization (with Duncan Sabien)

020: Worldviews and Framing (with Elizabeth Kim)

019: Intelligence and Creativity (with Scott Barry Kaufman)

018: Scientific Progress and the Replication Crisis (with Geoff Anders)

017: Enlightenment and Sex Work (with Aella)

016: Scientific Progress and Political Feedback Loops (with Michael Nielsen)

015: 52 Living Ideas and the Four Systems Model (with Shrikant Rangnekar)

014: Learning and Governance (with Emerson Spartz)

013: Liberalism and Conservatism (with Cassandra Xia and Hank Racette)

012: Psychedelics and Comedy (with Sarah Rose Siskind)

011: Comfort Languages and Nuanced Thinking (with Kat Woods)

010: Education and Charity (with Uri Bram)

009: Negotiation and Psychological Immune Systems (with Julie Kheyfets)

008: Life Experiments and Philosophical Thinking (with Arden Koehler)

007: Death and Story-Telling (with A.J. Jacobs)

006: THINKERS Workshop (with Spencer Greenberg)

005: Lines of Retreat and Incomplete Maps (with Anna Salamon)

004: Forgiveness and E-Prime (with Josh Castle)

003: Meditation and Enlightenment (with Jeremy Stevenson)

002: Aesthetics and Polyamory (with Sam Rosen)

001: Learning and Goal-Setting (with Michael Simmons)

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