Can you guess which charities and social programs actually work, and which are bunk?

August 19, 2015

Take the new "Charity Effectiveness Test" to see if you can guess which social programs had positive effects, negative effects, or no effects at all, based on a description of each charitable intervention! We think the answers will surprise you. collaborated to create this test with the fantastic careers organization, 80,000 Hours, which helps you figure out what job you should choose to maximize your positive impact on the world. 80,000 Hours conducts and publishes extensive, useful research to help you make your career matter. Check out their website.




The interventions were taken from those reviewed by the Campbell Collaboration, which brings together all the highest-quality research that's available on major social interventions to decide whether they're effective or not. The top ten charitable interventions that were easiest to explain and had the clearest conclusions were chosen, so it's clear what the answers are. 


Try the quiz now! 


Then, check out an article about the program on Vox!

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