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We've all heard the saying that "time is money." Knowing just how much our time is worth can help us to make a lot of important decisions, like whether to take on an extra part-time job or pay for some time-saving services.


This free calculator asks you a series of questions, then computes the value of an hour of your free time. At the end, it gives you a personalized report that can help you figure out answers to questions like:


  • Whether to take on extra part-time work and at what rate


  • Whether taking a cab is worth the extra cost


  • How long you should wait in line for a free item


  • Whether you should try to modify your hours at your current job


  • How consistently you value your time across different situations


  • Whether it's worth hiring a cleaning service, or other help.


We're excited to say that our calculator has already been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Get Rich Slowly, Lifehacker, io9, and Fast Company and tens of thousands have tried it! Try it yourself now, and figure out the true value of your time.

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