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At Clearer Thinking, we work hard to provide high-quality, free content that helps you improve your decision-making, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 


We set high standards for our content, aiming to make everything we produce top-notch. We also conduct our own studies and other research, which helps make our content unique and is a way for us to help discover valuable insights to share with you. 


Many people are surprised to learn that we have a small team and no physical office in a bustling city. We are a handful of individuals working remotely from different parts of the world, united by our shared vision to help the world through clearer thinking.


We are immensely grateful for the support of our readers. With your help, we can make a much bigger impact.


If you want to support our mission, there are several very easy ways you can help. 


1. Subscribe to our newsletter


In order to achieve our mission, we seek to maximize the value we give to our users and to reach as many people as we can. By subscribing to our newsletter, you help us achieve our mission by helping us provide you with more value over time. And if you ever forward one of our newsletters to a friend, then you help us even more!

2. Spread the word


Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to help us gain visibility. There are three simple things you can do in this regard:


  • Share something of ours you found valuable (a tool, a blog post, a podcast episode, etc.) on your social media.

  • Forward our newsletter to a friend who might find its content useful.

  • Tell a friend about our website.


These actions may seem small, but they have an impact. 


3. Check out our podcast, then leave a review 


Podcasting is a crowded space, and leaving your honest review helps us increase our visibility and improve. 


Apple Podcasts is the most helpful place to leave a review and Spotify is the second most helpful place, but there are other places reviews can be left as well: 


4. Engage with our content


By reading our posts and newsletters, using our interactive tools, and listening to our podcast, you help us fulfill our mission. You also help us understand what is valuable for our audience and, therefore, where we should focus our energy.


5. Give us your feedback


Have you found some unclear information or a mistake (even just a typo) in our work? Do you have some thoughts you’re interested in sharing? Please don't hesitate to reach out - we really value your feedback, and it's not uncommon for us to make changes based on feedback from our users. 


You can also help us to improve our tools even before we launch them by becoming a beta-tester. Sign up by submitting this form

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