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Our Research

At, we start with research into the existing academic literature on what's known about how to shift behavior, and then perform our own original studies in order to build best-in-class, free, interactive tools and mini-courses to help you improve your decisions, change your habits, and achieve your goals.

We have extensive experience designing studies and running fast, iterative research to figure out what works. We build complex studies, modify them painlessly using the GuidedTrack platform, and gather data quickly from study participants recruited with the Positly platform. These powerful tools allow us to conduct our research more efficiently and inexpensively than conventional academic methods. Like, both of these projects are part of the Spark Wave ecosystem. Clearer Thinking also runs Transparent Replications, a project designed to help improve the replicability of social science.

We partner with academic social scientists who are interested in using anonymized data from our many behavior change tools, or injecting experiments into those tools, to test their scientific hypotheses. For example, we have ongoing randomized controlled trials that we have been running in parallel to investigate the most effective techniques that support habit formation, goal achievement, and sleep hygiene, among other topics. In these studies, we are testing the effectiveness of more than a dozen interventions in order to understand their effectiveness, and to help us build the best possible tools to help people with their struggles in these areas.

You can take a look at descriptions of and takeaways from some of our previous research here:

Research Studies
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