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Upgrade Your Life With Free Research-Backed Tools

70 easy-to-use tools to help you make better decisions,

hone your thinking, and achieve your goals

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Reasoning skills are the key to success in many areas of life, and like any skill, they can be improved with attention and effort. This quiz is your roadmap for becoming a more rational thinker.

After taking this free, fun quiz, you’ll receive a customized report showing which of 16 reasoning styles best captures the strengths and weaknesses of the way you think. 


You'll also receive tips about the concrete steps you can take to improve your critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

How Roational Are You, Really_ - Head On

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Is Your Reality Distorted?

Soldier vs Scout Mindset

When your steadfast opinions are tested, Julia Galef asks:


"Do you yearn to defend your own beliefs or do you yearn to see the world as clearly as you possibly can?"

Check out Julia's video to learn more about the defensive soldier and the curious scout mindsets, and enhance your clear thinking.