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Our Mission

Why do people make choices that they later come to regret? 

Clearer Thinking’s mission is to close the gap between insights from research about human behavior and actions in the real world. We start with the best research we can find and perform our own original studies in order to build best-in-class, interactive tools and mini-courses that you can use to change your habits, make better decisions, and achieve your goals.

Fields like psychology, neuroscience, and economics have produced fascinating insights into this question in the last few decades through the scientific study of decision-making, habit formation, motivation, and cognitive biases.


Shortcomings of the human mind in these areas inflict significant costs on just about every individual, organization, and government. For example, cognitive biases – ingrained thought patterns that systematically distort our understanding of the world - harm our ability to make good, rational decisions about the things we care about.


Meanwhile, positive habits are vital for sustained progress towards long-term goals, but they can be difficult to form, and the best practices for permanently instilling them remain a matter of guesswork for most people.


Scientists have developed effective tactics for countering many of the problems identified by this research, but very few of us have integrated these insights and techniques into our personal and professional lives in a consistent way.

Our work is focused on closing this "last mile problem" by using high-quality research and evidence to build fun, interactive tools that help you understand yourself more deeply, form new positive habits, and make better decisions.

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