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The 7-Day Make Better Decisions Challenge

A free, research-based email mini-course to sharpen your decision-making abilities in just 7 days (and just 2 minutes per day). At the end, you'll earn a beautiful  Certificate of Completion. 

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Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you could always make the right decision?


Although no one's decisions will ever be perfect all the time, we've gathered a number of resources based on the science of good decision-making into a short, fun, interactive mini-course designed to help you improve your life.

Today, and for the next 6 days, you will receive a challenge each day

Open your email each day and do the 2 minute challenge

After completing the challenges, you'll receive your certificate!

Every challenge will include high-quality, practical instructions so you can actually improve your decision-making skills throughout the week.

This challenge is designed to help you:


Improve your productivity by giving you a clearer idea of how to choose projects, tasks, and routines that might get you closer to your goals.


Reduce stress and wasted effort by choosing to focus on what is more aligned with your goals, principles, and values.


Improve your relationships by making decisions that are fair, informed, and thoughtful, to help build trust, and respect.

Ultimately, making better decisions can help you attain greater success in different areas of your life.

About Clearer Thinking is a not-for-profit project that aims to effectively improve society by helping people improve their decision-making, boost their critical thinking, and make positive behavior changes, with our research-based tools, articles and other content.


In our ten years of existence, we've been featured by many renowned media outlets, including:


Ready? Sign up now to start sharpening your decision-making abilities in just 7 days

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