What is Bayes' Rule, and how can you apply it in daily life? This mini-course makes it simple.

October 4, 2016

Have you ever felt absolutely certain that you were right about something, only to discover that you were wrong? If so, there's a good chance that you misinterpreted the evidence. And you're not alone – interpreting evidence can be a tricky process. It's governed by a statistical theorem called Bayes' Rule, which is incredibly powerful but mathematically complex.


Our free mini-course on interpreting evidence can help you become adept at using Bayes' Rule to interpret evidence in your daily life, even without having to do any math. It includes:


  • An introduction to Bayes' Rule & how evidence works more generally

  • A simple trick, called The Question Of Evidence, for applying Bayes' Rule in fast-paced everyday situations – without using math

  • An optional detailed explanation of the way Bayes' Rule works

  • Tips for applying The Question Of Evidence in a variety of situations

  • A series of exercises designed to help you get comfortable using your newfound understanding of Bayes' Rule on the fly


This free mini-course can help you develop this incredibly important capacity in just over half an hour. Try it out now.

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