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Like trying brand spanking new stuff? Join our Beta Testers program.

By being part of this free program, you'll be able to try our decision making programs long before they are released to the public, and help shape their direction.


Be the first to know about exciting developments and programs at and test our programs before anyone else! We're looking for smart beta testers to give us feedback.

What's in it for you? You can...

  • Get early access to our new programs. Try things out weeks or even months before anyone else (for example, we'll be launching a quiz to test how rational you are and you can be the first to try it out)

  • Help shape and improve the material. Give us feedback (brief blurbs on what you liked/disliked or a lengthy harangue on what you see as errors in our political bias test--your choice!) Your valuable advice will help us reshape the programs and make them even better before official public launch.

  • Test just one programs or test them all. Your level of participation is completely up to you, and getting off our list is super easy.

  • Improve society at large! No really. Your feedback will help us improve other people's decision making, including business and political leaders as our programs spread. Your comments will influence the experience of thousands of users, and may help make a lasting difference in the world.

To join the program, simply add your email address from the list below! We'll send you an email soon with the first program you can test out.

Sign up with the elite Beta Testers here.

Get VIP access to our programs and help humanity to reason better!

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out -

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