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Want to enjoy life more? Try these positive psychology exercises

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

woman in field

In positive psychology, "savoring" is the process of deliberately using thoughts and actions to magnify the intensity and duration of positive, satisfying experiences. Research in this field has found that savoring the good things in your life makes you feel happier and less stressed. Those who make time to savor good experiences are more likely to be optimistic, happy and satisfied with life, as well as less depressed.

This free, quick app is designed to teach you this valuable skill so you can use it to build more wellness in your life, and to feel more fully alive and satisfied. It consists of six parts:

  • Part 1: Definition and case study of savoring

  • Part 2: The four ways to savor

  • Part 3: The three times to savor

  • Part 4: Practice time

  • Part 5: Applying savoring in your own life

  • Part 6: Wrap-up

In all, you can learn this valuable skill in just 15-20 minutes of use. Try it out for free now and start enjoying life more, every day.

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