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Are bats blind? Is swimming after eating OK? This common misconceptions quiz has the answers.

Updated: May 16, 2023


Ever wonder if many of the things you've been told and believe to be true are actually socially propagated lumps of B.S.? Are bats really blind? Is it truly bad to swim after you eat?

This free, short test will help you discover if you've fallen victim to some of the most common misconceptions. We'll present 30 common beliefs, of which half are true and half are false. You sort the facts from the B.S., we reveal the correct answers, and then you can share what you've learned at the next dinner party. You'll learn the truth about subjects like these:

  • Do our nose and ears really get bigger with age?

  • Was Napoleon Bonaparte really short?

  • Can nervousness cause literal cold feet?

  • Do antioxidants help you live longer?

  • Can drinking too much water kill you?

  • Do dogs sweat solely by salivating?

  • Can lobsters live to over 100 years old?

  • Are lie detector tests reliable?

With this test, though, you gain more than updated knowledge of the world. If you play our built-in betting game, this test will analyze your answer patterns and provide a custom report that tells you how often you should trust your gut and when it's better to be suspicious of your intuitions. This completely free custom report includes:

  • The questions you got right and wrong

  • How reliable your gut is compared to others

  • A breakdown of how often you got questions correct when you were really confident in your answer versus somewhat confident or just a little confident

  • Whether you were over- or under-confident in your beliefs

How many of these misconceptions will you fall for? Which of these beliefs will surprise you? And what will you learn about yourself in the process? Try the test to find out!

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