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Ever gotten burned by jumping to conclusions? This simple trick helps you deal with uncertainty

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

jump to conclusions

Evolution has given us a default tendency to come up with just one explanation for the events we observe, even those for which there could be a whole range of possible causes. But while the first explanation we come up with frequently isn't the best one, we tend to get locked into it as the only possible explanation. As a result, we can get burned by jumping to conclusions — we can misread other people's intentions, misunderstand warning signs from the environment around us, and generally cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary grief and stress.

This free, quick mini-course teaches you a very simple tactic for avoiding this unfortunate cycle — it can help you stay more flexible when you're facing an uncertain situation. It features:

  • A brief explanation behind the science behind this natural human tendency

  • An introduction to the new habit of mind that can help you avoid it

  • A series of exercises to help you practice and develop this habit

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