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Check out this FastCompany article on our voter research!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Several weeks ago, we wrote up some of our survey-based research into the way that Clinton voters and Trump voters think about honesty differently. The findings we discussed were just one component of a larger analysis of the traits most likely to predict support for each candidate — we examined a broad variety of the ways that America's two main political camps differ.

If you'd like to read more about these studies and what we found, check out this new FastCompany article about our research. It'll give you a strong sense of the attitudinal differences between these two vast swathes of the American populace, which is useful no matter which side you're on. As ClearerThinking founder Spencer Greenberg puts it in the article: "The election made it clear that people of all political persuasions are suffering and looking to their candidate to help alleviate their pain...There are altruistic reasons to care about people on the other side. But if you want to be more pragmatic, it is also true that understanding their angst can help your side better prepare for the next election."

Some of the research topics the FastCompany article touches on include:

  • Opinion-siloing on social media

  • Differing attitudes towards race (and how hard they are to measure)

  • Perceptions of "political correctness"

  • Varying beliefs about language in general

  • Localized understandings of the state of the economy

Give it a read over at FastCompany to learn a lot more about the surprising conclusions we came to while conducting this research.

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