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How susceptible are you to this common numerical bias?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

We just launched a new free mini-program that lets you see if you're susceptible to a certain numerical bias! To try it out, click here.

We're all called on to make numerical estimates on occasion. But are your guesses truly independent? Or is it possible that you're being manipulated by irrelevant information — or even disinformation — without your knowledge?

This program provides a quick, clear self-assessment for this paradoxical question. It'll show you how susceptible you are to a common numerical bias that can muck up your estimates, compare your performance with group averages, and teach you how the bias itself works. (You may be asking: what bias? But finding out in the course of the program is an important part of how it works!) This program lasts just a few minutes, it's free, and it provides a detailed report on your performance.

Click here to try it out and learn more about how your mind works! You may also like our article about binary thinking.

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