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Join this study to get a leg up on forming healthy new habits.

Do you wish you could adopt a healthier or more productive lifestyle with less strain and stress? We've got a study we'd like you to join! ClearerThinking is currently developing a new tool designed to help you improve your daily habits — the routine ways you work, eat, sleep, and spend your free hours. These patterns make up a large percentage of our waking hours, and adjusting them can have dramatic positive effects over time. Our aim is to help foster improvements to these basic behaviors that leave you happier, healthier, and more productive. We're currently testing a wide variety of tactics and techniques to discover the best methods for changing your daily habits. The strongest performers will appear in the final version of the tool. And that's where you come in – we'd love for you to help us learn which habit change techniques are most effective. If you're excited about the prospect of altering your daily behaviors, or just about advancing science's understanding of habit change, please enroll in this online study. Participation involves taking an initial survey, plus 1 to 3 follow-up surveys over the course of a few weeks (along with your enthusiasm for improving your daily drill, of course).

What you can expect from participation:

  • Practice maintaining a beneficial new habit.

  • Encouragement and reminders to help you stay focused and committed.

  • Reflection on how your habit-change efforts are going in a structured, quantitative way – so that you can learn about yourself in the process.

  • The potential for a substantially improved daily routine, and all the benefits that come with it!

Ready to shake up your day-to-day? Click here to enroll. We appreciate it!

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