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Discover your Primal World Beliefs with our new mini-quiz!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Do you view the world, broadly speaking, as safe or unsafe? Enticing or uninteresting? Alive or purposeless? And what implications do your views have? To find out, try Your Primal World Beliefs, our brand-new free mini-quiz!

In this remarkable new psychology paper based on more than 5 years of work, researcher Jer Clifton and his colleagues introduce the idea of Primal World Beliefs, or "Primals" for short. Primals are beliefs we have about the world’s overall character, such as whether we think the world tends to be safe or dangerous, interesting or boring, meaningful or meaningless. Clifton et al hold that Primals tend to cluster into three main categories.

Inspired by their findings, we've created a short, fun quiz that draws on elements of the study itself to measure your beliefs in each of these three major Primal categories (and many of their sub-facets as well). After you spend a few minutes answering multiple-choice questions about your beliefs, the quiz will produce a detailed report about your Primals, showing how your perspective compares to those of your demographic group and to U.S. averages. It'll also break down how you think about the elements that comprise each major Primal World Belief, and explain a little about what those beliefs could mean for your life.

Ready to reveal a clear portrait of your fundamental worldview? Try the mini-quiz now!

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