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Answering these questions could change your life.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Could the act of answering open-ended questions about yourself give you new, important insights? It turns out the answer is "yes", if those questions are selected in just the right way! See for yourself by trying Life-Changing Questions, our newly-launched free tool, and start reflecting on life

After running a series of five scientific studies, we've discovered a specific set of practical, yet rarely-asked questions that 83% of people reported were valuable for them to answer and that 78% said they would recommend to others. A remarkably high 88% of people even reported that they enjoyed answering these questions. We're now making these questions available online so that you and your social circle can benefit from them too!

We think you'll be surprised at just how valuable answering these open-ended questions about yourself can be. Here are a few of the many discoveries that people have reported while using this quick program:

  • "I learned that you absolutely must engage in self-reflection. You must think about what you can do to make your life better rather than just allowing things to fall into place."

  • "That my anxiety is holding me back from achieving what I want, and I should get therapy for it."

  • "I realized that I let my husband control my life, and I need to control more of what I do."

  • "That there is an ideal life very close to what I have now, but I need to make it happen." had the following to say in their recent feature on the tool: “All that's needed to get these sort of results is a bit of time – the more effort you devote to the questions, the more you'll get out of them – and some bracing honesty…It's free and, hey, it might just change your life.”

If you'd like to have a meaningful in-person experience answering these questions with friends or family, or you are looking for an inspiring gift to give someone you care about, we also offer a beautifully printed physical deck version of the Life-Changing Questions. 100% of the proceeds go to creating free tools and programs for the public.

Ready for change? Try the tool now!

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