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Our new mini-test measures two personality traits essential for seeing the world accurately.

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

To what extent are you a “skeptic” of information, and a “seeker” of new ideas? You can take our newly-launched mini-test to find out! Skeptical Seekers measures two personality traits which we think are really important for discovering true things about the world: “skepticism” and “seekingness”. Click here to take the test!

Having accurate beliefs requires a combination of skepticism in the face of new information, and seeking new perspectives that contradict your own. It’s easy to imagine these traits are in opposition - someone who is wary of external information might not seek out new ideas, and someone who seeks out new information might not be careful about vetting the perspectives they encounter. But a study we conducted on 463 people demonstrated that this is not the case! Many people are both a skeptic and a seeker simultaneously - find out if this is the case for you!

Skeptical Seekers will tell you:

  • How much of a skeptic and how much of a seeker you are.

  • How you compare in these two personality traits to the rest of the population.

  • Some tips for becoming more of a skeptic (in a way that makes your beliefs truer) and more of a seeker (in a way that you stay open-minded to systems of thought outside your own).

Want to learn more about how you approach new beliefs? Take the test now.

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