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Are you overrating the importance of credentials?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

How much do you value credentials when judging the opinions of others? Do you give them too much deference – or too little? Measure the value you place on diplomas and degrees with this quick new quiz!

Whether a person has formal expert status in a field can be an important factor in how much we trust them, and what kinds of opinions we think it is appropriate for them to express. It's important to know how much evidence formal credentials provide about genuine knowledge and effective skill in a particular area, so that we have an accurate sense of how much to trust the information we're getting. The Credentialist Test will help you get a sense of whether you value formal credentials more or less than average – and by how much.

Taking this quick test will help you:

  • learn how much of a "Credentialist" you are (i.e. how highly you regard formal credentials).

  • discover how you compare to the general population on the Non-Credentialist - Credentialist spectrum.

  • identify the best way of evaluating whether formal credentials matter in a situation.

Give it a try and see how you stack up! You can also learn about this "trust dynamic" by reading our article about the evolution of trust.

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