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Our new quiz tests your ability to spot misleading arguments.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

News organizations, companies, and politicians are constantly making arguments about what they think you should or shouldn't believe. But can you tell which of these arguments are strong, and which arguments are worth ignoring? To find out, try our new "Can You Detect Weak Arguments?" quiz that we've just launched. It checks your ability to cut through misleading rhetoric and combat your own biases.

Do you properly vet arguments you’re presented with? Do you examine the quality of the evidence, or do you unfairly favor the opinions you already have? Our new quiz determines your existing beliefs on several controversial topics, then asks you to rate the strength of 11 real-world arguments. The test will help you find out…

  • how good you are at detecting strong or weak arguments.

  • whether your evaluation of arguments is biased by your existing beliefs.

  • how your abilities compare to previous test-takers.

Accurately evaluating arguments is an essential skill in a world where we’re so often presented with fallacious or false information. Click here to practice your evaluation skills and take our new quiz!

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