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You're invited to Clearer Thinking's first ever (digital) community gathering!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Join us in being a part of the Clearer Thinking community by attending our (first ever) virtual Zoom meet-up Saturday, September 26th at 1pm Eastern Time (10am PDT) on the topic of how to enhance your decision-making! It's an interactive event, and is 100% free to attend. We also have two other digital events coming up (one every two weeks), which you can read about below!

These digital meet-ups will each take the form of an hour-long workshop. You'll learn evidence-based strategies for improving your life, and get to practice them both individually and in small groups. Afterwards (if you choose) you’ll get a chance to socialize with other attendees from the Clearer Thinking community! Read on for more info about when and where the events are happening!

These experimental events are brought to you by in collaboration with 52 Living Ideas Meetup which conducts daily Zoom meet-ups on Psychology, Philosophy and Self Improvement, weekdays at 9pm ET & weekends at 2:30pm ET. See their upcoming meet-ups at a glance here, and videos of their past meet-ups here.

As our first experiment in digital community events, we’ll be running the first three Clearer Thinking meet-ups on different topics every two weeks. As a reminder, they are 100% free! We’ll also be collecting your feedback on what works in these events, and what doesn’t, so this is a chance to substantially shape what the Clearer Thinking community looks like in the future!

By showing up, you also send a strong signal to us that we should continue hosting community events in the future, so if you're interested, we really hope you'll come to at least one of the upcoming offerings. If you'd like to be notified about when our future events occur, click here to sign up (though note that no RSVP is required to attend).

Our upcoming events schedule:

Interactive Event 1: Honing Your Decision Making​ Saturday September 26th 2020, 1pm to 2pm Eastern Time (10am to 11am PDT): Want to become a better decision-maker? Facing an important decision in your life? At this workshop, you'll learn about narrow framing, important cognitive biases that effect decision-making, and helpful strategies for making big decisions more effectively!

Computer Zoom link for the event (no RSVP required, just show up!)​

Interactive Event 2: Life Changing Questions Saturday October 10th 2020, 1pm to 2pm Eastern Time (10am to 11am PDT): Could the act of answering open-ended questions about yourself give you new, important insights? It turns out the answer is "yes", if those questions are selected in just the right way! At this workshop you'll be exploring yourself, your life and your beliefs through exercises in introspection.

Computer Zoom link for the event (no RSVP required, just show up!)

Interactive Event 3: Learning From Mistakes Saturday October 24th 2020 1pm to 2pm Eastern Time (10am to 11am PDT): As we all know, learning from mistakes can be challenging and painful. Yet it's also incredibly important. In this workshop you'll discover useful techniques for learning from your errors, and for avoiding making those same errors again, so you can carry on as an even more awesome person!

Computer Zoom link for the event (no RSVP required, just show up!) Remember, if you want to be notified when our events are happening in the future, don't forget to click here. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions for us, and we look forward to seeing you at one of these events soon!

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