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Create your own custom Clearer Thinking Plan and keep track of all your learning!

Updated: 6 days ago

We’re excited to announce a new tool, Clearer Thinking Paths, to give you personalized recommendations for which of our 80+ free tools will be most helpful to you and let you track your progress in a personalized dashboard!

This tool has two parts to it:

Part I: Get your Custom Plan! 🎉

📋 Start with a quiz about yourself: We'll ask you about your current interests, goals, and challenges, and then use your responses to generate recommendations for your own, personalized, Clearer Thinking Plan (a list of our free online tools, curated to match your goals and interests!).

All of your answers will be kept confidential.

Complete your plan to improve your chances of reaching your goals and step closer to your aspirations!

Part II: Get your own Clearer Thinking dashboard! 🔍

Once your plan has been created, you'll be given the option to access your own Clearer Thinking dashboard, where you can:

  1. Save your custom plan and track your plan progress to see how well you're doing.

  2. Schedule reminders to complete tools in your plan, helping you stay on track to meeting your goals!

  3. Save your reports from other Clearer Thinking tools to your dashboard, so that you can return and see your learning history all in one place.

  4. Start your own Clearer Thinking Quest! Earn stars as you progress.


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