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Discover Your Philosophical Beliefs - Try out our Philosophy Quiz

Updated: Nov 8

Do you know what your views on classic philosophical questions are? How do they compare with those around you, and are they predicted by aspects of your psychology? Gain a better idea of your position on fundamental questions about the world with our new assessment, “Learn Your Philosophical Beliefs,” which will walk you through the latest research on the relationship between people’s philosophy and their psychological traits. We partnered with two professional academics, David B. Yaden and Derek Anderson, and created this philosophy quiz using their research, just released this month, to help you figure out your views on classic philosophical puzzles, show how your views compare to philosophers and other users, and help you understand the evidence-based connections between your philosophy and your psychology.

what philosophical beliefs you hold

By taking this philosophy test, you can find out whether your ability to work with numbers or how satisfied you are with your life suggests anything about what perspective you’ll have on some of the most meaningful questions about existence. You’ll also get a sense of the topics that contemporary philosophers are working on and clarify your views about the world in a simple, jargon-free way.

You may also want to check our rationality test designed to help you identify your reasoning style and answer the question, "How rational am I?".

See how your philosophical beliefs compare with the world in our philosophy quiz

Click here to complete this philosophy quiz and learn what philosophical beliefs you hold, and discover whether these beliefs are predicted by your psychological traits. It is free!

We also have a full podcast episode about Moral Discourse and the Value of Philosophy that you may like:

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