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Do you want to change your life for the better? Start now with our new interactive tool!

How do you go from merely wanting to improve your actions, to truly changing them for the better? How do you help other people engage in more positive behaviors in a way that lasts? These are important questions that our new, interactive tool helps you answer!

“Change Behavior for the Better” is a free, engaging tool that walks you through a framework for successful behavior change with a positive behavior of your choice. It is based on the content of the Ten Conditions for Change site that we launched earlier this year, which provides free, evidence-based resources for positive behavior change.

Awarded the “best behavioral design resource of the year” by Habit Weekly, we invite you to click here to try this behavior change framework for yourself! You can use it to improve your own life, or to plan a behavior change to benefit the lives of other people.

What can you expect from Change Behavior for the Better?

Change Behavior for the Better explains how successful behavior change can be broken down into three phases of ten discrete conditions. When each of these ten conditions are met, a person is almost certain to succeed in their desired behavior! Conversely, an unsuccessful behavior change is likely the result of one or more of these ten conditions not being met.

The tool has two modes: (1) a mode that helps you plan and strategize a behavior change for yourself, and (2) a mode that helps you plan and strategize a behavior change for a group of people. Regardless of which of the two modes you use, you’ll be walked through the three phases of successful behavior change, helped to identify which of the ten “conditions for change” you (or your chosen population) might fail to meet, and select strategies to overcome these behavioral barriers.

At the end of the program, you’ll receive:

  • A customized plan for your specific behavior change

  • Advice on how to take action on this plan in the future

  • A printable worksheet which you can use to track your progress towards meeting your behavior change.

How is this tool different from our other behavior change tools?

We recommend using Change Behavior for the Better to develop positive behaviors that you want to engage in regularly - like a weekly workout routine or donating regularly to charity - but are more complex than simple habits - like drinking a glass of water after waking up or turning on the dishwasher before going to bed (for developing simple habits, check out our tools Program Yourself to Improve Your Life and Daily Ritual: A Habit Creation System).

This tool can also be used to determine why a particular population - like consumers, aid recipients, or politicians - have not succeeded in a behavior change - and what can be tweaked to make the behavior change successful. This makes it a valuable resource for any individuals or organisations who want to create an effective social intervention (like increasing vaccination uptake or donations to effective charities) that will improve peoples’ lives.

Whether you’re a professional who wants to change the behavior of a specific population, or someone who wants to introduce a new positive behavior into their life, Change Behavior for the Better can provide you with all the information you need to succeed. Click here to use it for yourself!


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