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How to Have Productive Disagreements that Don’t Damage Your Relationships

We are excited to announce our newest tool, Have Productive Disagreements, which equips you with techniques to have constructive arguments that are beneficial for your relationships. At the end of this tool, you'll have an opportunity to practice this new knowledge by discussing a controversial topic with an A.I. language model, ChatGPT. 🤖

What exactly will you learn? 👩‍🏫

  • The most common causes of disagreements

  • The effects of emotions on disagreements and how to mitigate their downsides

  • Strategies and tips that help improve the outcomes of disagreements in your relationships

By the time you’re done, you will be familiar with a set of techniques to apply during disagreements, to minimize their damage to your relationships.

Test your skills with AI! 🤖

Try your hand at productive disagreement in an argument with ChatGPT. Pick a side on a contentious topic and see whether you and ChatGPT can have a productive discussion!

Are you ready to enhance your skills in navigating disagreements effectively?


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