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Increase your productivity today with these practical tips

Do you want to boost your productivity? We’ve collected a few of our most useful articles and tools on this topic into a handy list for you!

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When it comes to productivity, people are often concerned with spending more time on their goal, but this article argues that there are at least two other ways to increase your productivity. Take a look at this equation:

Increasing any of the three factors by some amount (say, 10%) impacts your productivity equally since the equation is fully symmetrical in the three factors. This means, there are two ways to increase productivity that are unrelated to time: efficiency and value. This article walks you through how to optimize each of these three factors, so that you can increase your productivity in the way that works best for you!

Further careful thinking about the formula for productivity has led ClearerThinking founder, Spencer Greenberg, to develop ten productivity tips. The full article unpacks each tip in helpful detail, but here’s the list at a glance:

  1. Leave long blocks of free, uninterrupted time — 1-hour minimum — for doing especially difficult work.

  2. Batch work meetings close together.

  3. Break work into small pieces, and set goals that relate to finishing one small piece at a time.

  4. Involve other people in projects in such a way that they rely on you to get your parts done.

  5. Be aware of when your motivation and energy levels are highest.

  6. For challenging projects that are hard to get started on, take a few minutes to think about the project and mentally plan an angle of attack before getting to work.

  7. Use multiple projects to your advantage by switching between them based on your current motivation level

  8. Work in an environment with few distractions.

  9. Respond to any email that you can answer quickly as soon as you read it.

  10. Be aware of the optimal period of time for you to work on each task.

This productivity planner aims to make you more productive. Whatever your situation, this tool will help you to set a productivity goal and walk you through a bunch of productivity exercises to help you achieve that goal!

You'll learn...

  • What productivity actually is and how you can benefit from it

  • Some of the most effective productivity techniques for your situation

  • How to develop a personal productivity system to help your productivity grow and persist

If this interests you, we have a podcast episode about habit formation that you might like:

Click here to access other streaming options and show notes.

And finally, we leave you with a quote, for when you’re feeling bad about being unproductive. It can be tempting to think of time spent on hobbies or with friends and family as unproductive time, but as this quote articulates, this might not always be the best way to think:

You will always struggle with not feeling productive until you accept that your own joy can be something you produce. It is not the only thing you will make, nor should it be, but it is something valuable and beautiful.

Hank Green


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