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Can you find the trends in charts about global problems?

Updated: Oct 10

We are excited to announce our new quiz: Retrocaster! By obscuring data from Our World in Data, Retrocaster challenges you to find the hidden trend in charts about global problems—like the trajectory of nuclear stockpiles after 1986:

Is it A, B or C? Make your pick in Retrocaster.

We've curated 14 multiple-choice questions to pique your curiosity, including:

  • How will Africa's population grow by 2100?

  • How did US per capita CO2 emissions change over time?

  • How has global GDP evolved over two millennia?

Join the Retrocaster Leaderboard 🏆 Elevate your skills while making history—join Retrocaster's leaderboard! Earn points for every right answer, and see how you stack up against others. You're not just playing a game; you're benchmarking your analytical skills.

Challenge your friends ⚔️ Once you've got your results, you can dare a friend to outscore you by them a clickable duel invitation. Will they rise to the challenge or crumble? Are you ready to turn hindsight into foresight?

This tool usually takes ~15 minutes.

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