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Test your knowledge of Biosafety

Updated: May 16, 2023

We are excited to announce our new Biosafety Quiz! Uncover the history of pandemics, test your biosafety knowledge, and learn essential steps to safeguard humanity's future.

Image created by the Midjourney AI.

If there's one thing we learned from Covid, it's that we'd rather not learn about pandemics the hard way again. As future pandemics could be deadlier and easier to create, the race is on for biosafety to outpace the potential pandemics lurking just around the corner. Join us on a journey that spans from the era of biological warfare to today's pressing biosafety challenges. Our brief quiz features 11 multiple-choice questions, such as:

  • What percent of the European population died from the Black Death?

  • What caused an epidemic in Russia in 1979?

  • How did a 2011 lab mutation make a virus more dangerous? Hint: the virus didn't suddenly develop a taste for world domination!

After completing the quiz, you'll receive a tailored report that summarizes your results and compares your score to others. The report also includes practical steps to promote a safer future for humanity — no superhero cape required. Are you ready to dive into biosafety?

This quiz was made by André Ferretti.

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