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Learn What Brings You the Most Enjoyment in Life with Our New Program!

Discover Your Personal Sources of Pleasure

What do you think gives you the most pleasure and joy in life? Is it…

  • Art and beauty?

  • Caring for others?

  • A thrill or adrenaline rush?

  • ...or something you may not have even realized yet?

Our new program, “Your Greatest Sources of Pleasure,” will help you discover the things in life that bring you the most pleasure, enjoyment, and life satisfaction. It also walks you through some reflective exercises to help you get even more joy out of life! Test how well you know yourself, or discover new interests that excite you more than you may have realized, by trying our latest program! “Your Greatest Sources of Pleasure” is based on the results of our recent study, which asked 600 subjects how much enjoyment they got from many different sources. It aims to help you identify the things that bring you the most joy in life and learn how to increase the frequency of these pleasurable experiences. The customized report you receive from the program will also reveal how similar or different your sources of pleasure are compared to others’ and recommend exercises aimed at helping you find new ways to feel good! Capitalize on learning more about yourself by taking the assessment here so you can successfully seek more opportunities to bring joy into your life.

Do Different Sounds Have Different Meanings?

We have an additional new mini-program: The Hidden Meaning of Sounds! Inspired by Nick Kolenda’s article on phonemes and their connotations even when they don’t form real words, we ran a replication study that was later refined by personality researcher Eric Jorgenson who found various fascinating sound associations. This Clearer Thinking program is designed for those who are genuinely curious about how our minds work and are interested in reading new study results in an interactive, engaging way. If you’d like to find out which “sound” or group of phonemes fits your personality, someone else’s personality, or a brand’s personality, check out our new program here!


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