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New tool to track your weekly goals

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

How do you keep track of your goals? Without a system in place, it can be easy to lose direction or purpose. That's why we are excited to announce PathKeeper, our new tool to help you keep track of your goals, track your progress, and maintain accountability!

Image by the Midjourney A.I.

How PathKeeper works 🧭

  • Each week, you'll be prompted to describe your goals (both long-term and immediate) and your progress.

  • A summary will be emailed to you and (if you choose) another person, such as a manager, friend or colleague.

  • You can return to the tool at any time, to update your goals and your progress.

How PathKeeper helps you 🎉

There is good evidence that goal-setting is an effective way to change your behavior! By helping you set and track your goals, PathKeeper helps you to:

  • organize your time more effectively,

  • keep track of your progress, and

  • more reliably achieve what you set out to do.

When your own goals are clear to you and your team, it's easier to accomplish great things! PathKeeper helps you stay focused on the core aims of your project each week and streamlines the process of remaining accountable to the people you work with!

This tool usually takes ~5 minutes.

You can help us help others by forwarding this email to a friend.


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