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How to practice self-compassion

Updated: May 16, 2023

We are excited to announce our new tool to help you cultivate and practice self-compassion! 🌱

The tool contains a quiz to determine how much self-compassion you already have, and two exercises to help you build more.

Image created by the Midjourney AI.

Do you have an inner critic who says "You can't," or "You're such a..."? Perhaps it pops up after a mistake, when you're struggling with something difficult, or even completely out of the blue.

When you tune into these messages, it can throw your mood into a tailspin, make a small obstacle feel insurmountable, and leave you feeling lousy.

Practicing self-compassion is the art of treating yourself as you would a dear friend — and science suggests it's a powerful way to lastingly improve your life.

Self-compassion may help you:

  • have more confidence,

  • bounce back from difficult moments,

  • feel happier and less stressed, and

  • have a greater sense of purpose in life.

In this new tool, you'll learn and practice two simple techniques to help develop a compassionate internal voice, to quiet internal self-critical voices, and reduce negative emotions.

This tool usually takes 20-40 minutes and will involve some writing and self-reflection.

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