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Submit an idea for a Clearer Thinking Tool and get paid up to $595!

The Clearer Thinking Micro Grants program is back! We’re offering small grants from $50 up to $595 to people who propose, design, and/or build (with our help!) short online tools that align with our mission. The application process is quick and easy! All you have to do is describe your idea for a beneficial learning tool in around 150 to 400 words. So, if you have an idea for a tool that you think could improve people’s lives, then we’d strongly encourage you to apply!

Deadline: September 1st, 9am EST

Topics we’re interested in

For inspiration, you may want to look at this spreadsheet of our existing tools. Our tools typically take an evidence-based or research-guided approach to covering one or more of the following topics:

  • Useful concepts from psychology or social science that people can usefully apply to make their everyday lives better that are not yet covered on our site.

  • Applied rationality or critical thinking concepts not yet covered on our site that most people would find it valuable to know.

  • Effective altruism (EA) or existential risk related concepts not yet covered on our site that most people would find it valuable to know.

  • Self-improvement techniques that are likely to be helpful to the majority of people (e.g., techniques drawn from ACT, DBT, Interpersonal Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, CBT, etc.)

  • Behavior change techniques that can help people act more in line with the ways the ideal version of themselves would act

  • Concepts from mathematics, probability, statistics, computer science, economics or science more broadly that can be usefully applied to everyday life.

  • Techniques for improving self-esteem, increasing self-compassion, gaining self-understanding, reducing negative self-talk, improving helpful reflection, or helping people accurately assess their personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Techniques for better understanding or effectively engaging with or shifting one’s own emotions, or for improving resilience.

  • Techniques for developing or maintaining good relationships with others, or for preventing unhelpful conflict or navigating disagreement - including with colleagues, friends, family, or romantic partners.

  • Techniques for prioritizing between goals or managing multiple goals.

  • Techniques for improving decision-making.

  • Techniques for helping people improve their predictions.

However, we are also interested in proposals outside of these topics, as long as they fall within the scope of our mission, which is:

For example, you could propose a tool to help with financial literacy, time management, or ethical decision-making. Or maybe techniques for improving focus and concentration, or techniques for ethical persuasive communication. The list of potentially great topics is nearly endless!

The award process

We’re awarding these grants in four stages:

Applicants who are successful in all four stages are likely to have their tool published in our library of free online tools and shared with our 200,000+ readers!

Application guidelines

Check out our application guide here! No experience or qualifications are needed to apply - this opportunity is open to anyone, anywhere in the world! If you enjoy learning new skills, want to gain experience in online content creation, or have a practical idea for creating a happier, more rational society, then you could be who we’re looking for!

For the first stage, we suggest that your 150-400 word proposal explains:

  1. The proposed format of the tool, e.g. a quiz, interactive lesson, tool, or a framework for providing an answer to a specific dilemma. (Note: all applications that make it through all stages will ultimately use GuidedTrack - the same system for making tools that we use for all our clearer thinking modules. No prior experience is required for this.)

  2. A description of the concepts, principles or techniques the module will teach.

  3. An explanation of why the module will be valuable for a general audience (i.e., how it will benefit the user to learn this material).

Deadline: September 1st, 9am EST

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Please share this web-page with anyone you think might have a good idea!


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