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Submit an idea to our 2nd Annual Micro Grants program to win up to $595!

We’re running the Clearer Thinking Micro Grants program again!

As a reminder, this program offers small grants from $50 up to $595 to people who propose, design and build short online modules that align with our mission. It is very easy to submit an application for the first stage, so if you’re interested in improving people’s lives using concepts from psychology, behavioural economics, math, or social science in an interactive, digital format, then we’d strongly encourage you to apply!

Check out our application guide here, or read on to find out more information! You can submit your proposal using this form. We’re accepting applications until 5pm Eastern Time on May 17th, 2021.

We’re awarding these grants in four stages: $50, $100, $200, and $245 respectively. Winning applications for each round will be announced on our site, and applicants who are successful in all four stages are likely to have their module published in our library of free online programs and shared with our 130,000+ readers!

We believe many people have valuable ideas that would work well as an interactive program on our site, and we’re hoping this project will allow us to expand our existing library to provide more benefit to our users.

No programming or prior content development experience is needed to apply - this opportunity is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, who enjoys learning new skills, wants to gain experience in online content creation, or has a practical idea for creating a happier, more rational society.

As inspiration, here are some topics we’d like to see proposed as interactive programs:

  • Useful concepts from psychology or social science that people can apply to make their everyday lives better that are not yet covered on our site (see a spreadsheet of our existing programs arranged by topic here)

  • Applied rationality or critical thinking concepts not yet covered on our site that most people would find it valuable to know.

  • Applied effective altruism concepts not yet covered on our site that most people would find it valuable to know.

  • Self-improvement techniques that are likely to be helpful to the majority of people (e.g., techniques drawn from ACT, DBT, Interpersonal Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, CBT, etc.)

  • Concepts from mathematics, probability, statistics, computer science, or science more broadly that can be usefully applied to everyday life.

  • Techniques for improving self-esteem, increasing self-compassion, gaining self-understanding, or recognising and combating imposter syndrome.

  • Techniques for better understanding or effectively engaging with one’s own emotions.

  • Techniques for developing and maintaining good relationships with others, including colleagues, friends, family, or romantic partners.

  • Techniques for prioritizing between goals or managing multiple goals.

  • Techniques for improving decision-making or making predictions about the future not already covered on our site.

If proposing and designing a program like this sounds exciting to you, please read our application guide and send us a short proposal using this form by 5pm Eastern Time on May 17th (the application is just one page)! We expect to award up to 40 people with $50 and invite the top grantees to the second stage of the program. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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Oct 19, 2023

This is a fantastic initiative! Offering micro-grants to support innovative ideas is a great way to foster creativity and problem-solving. I'm particularly excited about the potential for projects related to pest control scheduling software.

In the pest control industry, efficient scheduling and management are essential for delivering timely and effective services. Innovative solutions in this area can lead to more environmentally friendly pest control practices, reduced resource wastage, and improved customer experiences. I encourage anyone with a groundbreaking idea in this field to apply for the micro-grants program.

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