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Ten Conditions to Help You Succeed in Changing Your Behavior

Today we're launching a new website for changing behavior, called the Ten Conditions for Change! Almost all of us have a behavior that we want to change. And if it’s not our behavior, then it’s the behavior of other people or institutions that we'd like to change for the better. How can we succeed at this?

Clearer Thinking has been occupied with this question for a long time, and we’re excited to announce the launch of our comprehensive behavior change site: Ten Conditions for Change: a framework for creating positive behaviors.

You can start the process of creating a new behavior by exploring the Ten Conditions for Change framework here, or reading on to learn why this framework was selected as the Best Behavioral Design Resource of the Year by Habit Weekly. The Ten Conditions framework breaks behavior change down into three phases - deciding on the change, acting on the change, and continuing the change - and each of these phases features several steps of their own. In total, these steps are the “ten conditions” that are sufficient for a person (or group or institution) to succeed in a behaviour change. This means that when all ten conditions are met, a person will very likely succeed in their desired behavior! Conversely, when a behavior change is not successful, then it is very likely that one or more of these ten conditions are not being met. That means that the Ten Conditions can be used as a diagnostic tool to figure out why a behavior is not occuring. Not only does this site feature a thorough explanation of the ten conditions sufficient for behavior change, it also provides hundreds of specific behavior change strategies that target each of the conditions. These include strategies for successfully setting intentions, for remembering to take action, for identifying the resources required for behavior change, for maintaining the change in the long-term, and so on. Because there are so many strategies available, the site also features a powerful behavior change strategy search engine that you can use to look for specific techniques or to find strategies that employ specific learning mechanisms. If that wasn’t enough for you to get excited about succeeding in changing your behavior, the Ten Conditions project also provides concise summaries of sixteen additional behavior change frameworks spanning decades - from the Transtheoretical Model (1977) to the Hook Framework (2014) and beyond - and explains how each of these relates to the Ten Conditions model. The Ten Conditions for Change framework was developed by the team at Spark Wave (who is also responsible for founding, and we’ll soon be turning this framework into an interactive Clearer Thinking tool that our users can easily apply to their biggest and smallest behavior change goals. Whether you’re a professional who wants to create a behavior change in a specific group or someone who wants to introduce a new positive habit into their daily routine, the Ten Conditions for Change resource provides you with a ton of useful information about how to make a successful behavior change in a simple, comprehensive format. Click here to check it out for yourself! For an interactive approach to behavior change, check out our programs Daily Ritual: A Habit Creation System and Program Yourself to Improve Your Life in the meantime.


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