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Test how well you understand human psychology with our new quiz

Updated: 5 days ago

We are excited to announce our new tool, Predict Psychological Correlations, to challenge your grasp of human psychology by making you the judge of which traits correlate with each other. It’s a fun, interactive way to deepen your understanding of psychological patterns and improve your predictive prowess. Ready to put your intuition to the test?

How well do you understand human psychology?

And how good are you at making predictions?

Can you identify what traits people have that are related to each other, and what traits are unrelated? For example, what do you think the relationship is between being an adrenaline junkie and having gone against the wishes of parents?

In this tool, you will see various pairs of statements (e.g., "I am an anxious person," and "I would enjoy crossing the Pacific Ocean on a sailboat") — your task is to predict the correlation between the two: Do people who agree with the first statement also tend to agree (or disagree) with the second one? Or maybe they're unrelated?

Leonardo da Vinci (allegedly) said, "Everything connects to everything else." See how well you can predict how connected aspects of psychology really are to each other! After 15 questions, you'll get your personalized report with your results compared to others (but you can also play longer to increase your report's accuracy).

This tool is designed to help you:

  • Learn about human psychology

  • Test how accurate your understanding of psychology is

  • Practice and improve your ability to make predictions

  • Understand how correlations work

This tool usually takes ~10 minutes.


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