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Try two new tools to improve your life!

Updated: May 16, 2023

Today, we’re launching two new interactive learning modules to help you build stronger relationships and improve your mood. These two modules were among the winners of our microgrant program (where people can apply to make a Clearer Thinking learning module)!

Created by Ishita Batra, this tool is designed to help you improve your relationships by using Non-violent Communication. NVC is a powerful communication technique that can help you build stronger relationships, resolve conflicts, and improve your self-understanding and awareness.

Non-violent Communication is based on an awareness of what you are observing, feeling, needing, and wanting. This module will help you:

  • Learn to better identify feelings, needs, and wants

  • Express your feelings, needs, and wants

  • Build a practice of listening to others with empathy

If you've ever wished you could feel calm during a presentation, sleepy right before bed, or be present with the people you love, then this tool, created by Riley Harris, is for you.

We recommend this tool if there is a particular mental state you would like to cultivate, whether in everyday situations or in unique scenarios where it is important to be in a certain state of mind. For example:

  • I want to feel affectionate while with my family.

  • I want to feel calm while in an important meeting.

  • I want to feel grateful while sipping a morning coffee.

  • I want to feel a state of flow state during work.

  • I want to feel relaxed at the end of the day.

This module will teach you how to create mental associations, which give you a quick and reliable way of accessing certain mental states.

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Nathan Adrian
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