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We've launched a podcast about ideas that truly matter!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

You read that right, we’ve just launched a podcast!

We’re proud to present Clearer Thinking with Spencer Greenberg, the podcast about ideas that truly matter. If you enjoy learning about powerful, practical concepts and frameworks, or wish you had more deep, intellectual conversations in your life, then we think you'll love it!

Join us each week as we have our favorite kind of discussion in the world: a fun, in-depth conversation with a brilliant person, exploring fascinating, important ideas related to psychology, society, behavior change, philosophy, science, artificial intelligence, math, self-help, mental health, economics, and technology.

Because this is the podcast about “ideas that matter,” we prioritize ideas that can be applied right now to make life better and that can help you better understand yourself and the world. In other words, we want to highlight the very best tools to enhance your learning, self-improvement efforts, and decision-making.

We take on important, thorny questions like:

  • What's the best way to help a friend or loved one going through a difficult time?

  • How can we make our worldviews more accurate, and how can we hone the accuracy of our thinking?

  • What are the advantages of using our "gut" to make decisions, and when should we expect careful, analytical reflection to be more effective?

  • Why do societies sometimes collapse, and what can we do to reduce the chance that ours collapses?

  • Why is the world today so much worse than it could be, and what can we do to make it better?

  • What is good and what is bad about tradition, and are there more meaningful and ethical ways of carrying out important rituals, such as honoring the dead?

  • How can we move beyond zero-sum, adversarial negotiations, and create more positive-sum interactions?

To learn more and to listen to the episodes that we’ve just released today, visit or search for the show wherever you get your podcasts. Below are links to find the show on different podcasting platforms!


If you get a chance to listen, we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd rate or review the podcast and post about it on social media. Thanks!


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