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Why don't chimps run the world?

Image created using Midjourney A.I.

Chimps can run faster than us and are stronger than us. It's not strength that leads to humanity's power over this world, but intelligence, learning, and coordination. If we eventually create A.I.s that are more intelligent, better at learning, and better at coordinating than we are, might we one day become the chimps?

If you want to go deeper into the potential impacts of A.I., you might find helpful to take our Artificial Intelligence Quiz. It will test your knowledge of artificial intelligence and some of the risks it poses in a very interactive way.

Or, you may find it interesting to hear our interview with the co-creator of ChatGPT Co-Creator, Ilya Sutskever:

Finally, you may want to explore our interview with an A.I. (GPT-3), where we also discuss how these technologies (such as large language models and "transformers") work:


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