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World’s Biggest Problems Quiz

Learn about the biggest problems facing humanity with our new World's Biggest Problems Quiz!

This new quiz will test your knowledge of three of the world’s biggest problems. We chose these issues because they are relatively large, neglected, and solvable:

  • Global health - e.g. how many children die every year from malaria?

  • Animal welfare - e.g. how many chickens are killed for meat every year?

  • Existential risk - e.g. how many nuclear weapons are there in the world?

Choose which of these topics interest you and try your hand at 11 multiple-choice questions! After each question, you’ll see the answer and, once you’re done, you'll get:

📊 A free report telling you your results and how well you did compared to others 📊 🃏 A flashcard deck to remember these facts forever 🃏 🔑 A list of key steps on how to do the most good with your career and donations 🔑

How will you apply this knowledge to help humanity progress?

This quiz was made by André Ferretti.


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