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Your Quarterly Life Review

Welcome to 2023! What better way to kick off the (Gregorian) new year than by reflecting on the past and setting goals for the future? Our new tool, Your Quarterly Life Review, helps you do just that!

Most of us can benefit from regularly reflecting on our lives and setting goals for the future, but it's easy to postpone spending time on these important activities. Your Quarterly Life Review is designed to make it easier for you to:

  • Reflect on your recent experiences and learn from the recent past.

  • Plan how you'd like to make the most of the coming months to help you better achieve your goals.

This tool is designed to be tailored to you - you can choose what time-frame to look at, what parts of your life to review or plan for, and how long to spend on the tool. You'll also be given the option to revisit the program and schedule your next life review for whenever would be most helpful for you.


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