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Every week we'll be sending you insights about psychology, critical thinking, philosophy, or society. Check out the latest editions of our newsletter by clicking here. is a not-for-profit organization aiming to effectively improve society by helping people improve their decision-making, boost their critical thinking, and make positive behavior changes. See below for our current initiatives. We'd really appreciate it if you'd consider supporting our mission by sharing them with your friends.


Free, research-based, interactive tools

To help you understand yourself, improve your mood, accomplish your goals, make better decisions, recognize faulty logic, understand the world, and improve relationships.


The Clearer Thinking Podcast

A weekly podcast about ideas that truly matter. Full of powerful, practical concepts and frameworks, and intellectual conversations!


Transparent Replications

Conducting rapid replications of recently published psychology and human behavior studies in prominent academic journals, to shift incentives towards more replicable, reliable methods.


The Clearer Thinking

Regular posts about new tools and mini-courses to help you, and articles articulating important ideas.


Our own research

We design and run studies to test claims made in academic literature, as well as the effectiveness of our own tools. This research helps us to build the best possible tools for helping people.

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