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Useful, free decision making apps for your iPhone or Android

Don't feel like writing out pros and cons with a pencil and paper? ChoiceMap for iPhone and Smart Decisions Pro for Android give you a means to consider your options and the factors that are affecting your choice, helping to organize your decision making process without ignoring any of the complexity involved. If you're looking for a decision maker app, these may help you.

Smart Decisions Pro gives you a number of different tools within the app itself to use for decision making. The different options allow you to consider all of the positives and negatives of a decision, weigh costs and benefits of a decision, or decide based on several factors, among other methods.


With ChoiceMap, you can compare any number of options for each decision. You pick the factors that you need to take into account and set their priority level. Then you rate each option using the importance of each criterion. ChoiceMap does the math for you, so you can see which option is best for you, overall.


Now you can go forth and make great decisions on the go!

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