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Try our new Program Guide to get the most out of ClearerThinking

Since our founding in 2012, we at have released over 20 free tools and courses. All of these programs are designed to help you improve your life through better decision-making in some way or another, but the purposes they serve vary dramatically from one to the next. Some aim to help you achieve your goals; others are about helping you understand yourself or the world; and still others are focused on helping you become happier or improve your mood. To figure out the best tools and programs for you, try our brand-new Program Guide. This quick and handy new tool will help you get the most out of ClearerThinking's free content.

The Program Guide helps you find the ClearerThinking courses and tools best suited to you by asking you just two questions about what you're looking for, using your answers to provide a roster of customized program suggestions with accompanying descriptions. You can ask the Program Guide for a different set of suggestions as many times as you like, making it the comprehensive guide to our current roster of programs.

You can find the Program Guide on ClearerThinking's homepage, where you can also find a list of all our programs with accompanying descriptions. Check it out right now – this is a great time to start improving your reasoning, learning more about how the world works, and deriving more satisfaction out of your life.

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