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Find and replace unhelpful coping mechanisms with our new tool!

When we’re struggling, it can be easy to rely on coping strategies that might actually harm us more than they benefit us in the long run. Our newest educational module, Replace Unhelpful Coping Strategies, helps you identify these potentially harmful coping mechanisms and choose a positive coping strategy to replace them with!

What are coping strategies? Coping strategies are those behaviors we rely on for navigating stressful and difficult situations. After all, we can’t always avoid every obstacle we face: leading the life we want is often more about developing healthy ways of handling the challenges we encounter.

Some coping strategies help us become stronger, more resilient people, but others can have detrimental effects on our lives even if they work in the short-term. For example, do you face your problems head-on, or do you tend to avoid them for as long as possible? Do you relieve stress through engaging in meaningful hobbies or through excessive substance use? Do you lean on a support network when you’re feeling down, or do you isolate yourself from other people?

Replace Unhelpful Coping Strategies is designed to help you recognize and replace the coping strategies in your life which may be standing in the way of what you value.

By completing this 15-minute module, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and understand unhelpful coping strategies you might have adopted

  • Develop a positive coping strategy that can serve you more effectively in facing difficult situations

  • Create an implementation intention plan for shifting toward this positive coping strategy


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